HALO Tool - Artificial Rupture
of Membranes

HALO Tool - Artificial Rupture of Membranes [Poster]

Farry, A; Mellor C

Artificial rupture of membranes (ARM) can be a harmful intervention in a normal labour. Evidence shows that it does not, as previously believed, shorten labour and it can lead to an increased risk of fetal distress and caesarean section.

Intact membranes have an important physiological function during labour and birth yet ARM is common, often performed without a justifiable reason. A study in 2018 at Waitemata DHB explored what shapes midwives decision-making around artificial rupture of membranes in low-risk labour. Midwifery research fellows Christine Mellor and Annabel Farry identified key moments from the research data and created this innovation to encourage evidence-based practice around ARM.


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