iTui App Gives Vulnerable
Children a New Voice

iTui App Gives Vulnerable Children a New Voice

7 November 2017

It can be challenging for anyone to talk to their doctor about their situation and their feelings – even more so when it’s a child talking to a ‘grown-up’. "iTui" is a drawing based app created by Dr Maneesh Deva (Paediatrician) with the help of IBM, Health Innovation, Unitec, AUT and Waitemata DHB that enables doctors to have higher quality interactions and engagement with kids.

The tool provides a common platform to describe and discuss thoughts, feelings and experiences, without being limited by drawing ability. Particularly in the case of children from troubled homes, it helps us to unlock different elements of their circumstances that weren’t identifiable before, because children  can struggle to communicate face-to-face. It can be quite confronting and stressful to speak directly to an adult doctor about your troubles; so instead we sit side-by-side allowing the child to led the activity in a play-based manner.

The app is free for all New Zealand DHBs.